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  • Documents Fully Indexed On Ingestion and All Content is Completely Naturally Searchable
  • No Meta-Tagging Required for Searching Content
  • Publish Documents as HTML Virtual Books Easily
  • Hybrid Document Management and Enterprise Content Management System
  • Video Streaming On Any Device Securely Managed In CaelumOne ECM Solutions
  • Complete Information Compliance
  • Business Process Automation
  • Document Workflow Automation


  • Bank Grade HTTPS Encryption on Data Upon Ingestion and Access
  • Complete Structured Version Control on All Content
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Accessible
  • Information Governance

Web Based

  • All Documents Ingested in Original Format with a Copy Converted to HTML
  • HTML Publishing Allows Accessibility from any Device
  • Accessible on any OS or Browser
  • Team and B2B Online File Collaboration
  • Mobile Content Management

Why choose our services

At CaelumOne ECM Solutions we use best-in-class technology and security architectures to protect your documents against loss and unauthorized access. This includes 4k-bit internal server encryption and 256-bit on the web browser with a full TLS/SSL encryption. We have employed the strictest security standards and encryption technologies available to ensure that your documents are safely secured offline or in the CaelumOne ECM Solutions hosted Cloud.

Further to this to implement there are no connectors or API required to allow us to connect to any scanner or multi-function printer. We can connect to either remotely and establish connectivity in minutes. This means setup time and setup costs are significantly below traditional solutions. Once documents are ingested into the solution they are rendered completely searchable ultimately creating a completely searchable knowledge base.

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For further information on CaelumOne ECM Solutions Cloud Based Data Capture and Enterprise Content Management Solution please contact our sales team at +1(437)886-5473 or via email at: c1sales@caelum1.com.

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