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So what is CaelumOne? CaelumOne is an ultra-secure cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) solution unlike any other. The name comes from the Latin word “Caelum” which means “Vault in the Heavens.” CaelumOne allows users to access documents through the internet using any standard web browser (I.E.©,Mozilla Firefox©, Google Chrome©, Opera©, Safari©).  CaelumOne is offered as both a secure hosted service on a Software as a Service basis or on an Enterprise basis which can be hosted at our data centre in a Private Cloud or on premise. Either way on this desktop this is a solution that requires no client side software installation. Your documents are accessible at any time, from anywhere around the globe on any device. Using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC running any Operating System registered users can access CaelumOne.

Due to the hardware and OS agnostic nature of CaelumOne Enterprise Content Management Solution it allows you to store, OCR, retrieve, secure, share and publish your documents while maintaining stringent the most document management standards available. Scan from any scanner or multifunctional printer or check-in the documents from your Windows©, Mac© or Linux PC, iPad©, Android© Tablet and you can start using CaelumOne in minutes, without any IT assistance! iStock_000019012658SmallAt the core of the solution CaelumOne is a document conversion engine module that converts typical document formats to HTML for web viewing. This is referred to as ‘Publishing’ a document. The original document is securely stored while the published file size is 400 times smaller and it retains all the original document formatting. In order to make a document instantly viewable over the web, a user simply publishes it, and then adds security and other key attributes to the document. Each document is completely searchable from both inside and outside the document (no need to open documents to search for key words or manually meta tag), saving valuable time and reducing the possibility of on-the-job errors caused by lack of important and relevant information to the tasks at hand.. The following are the some of the key features and benefits of CaelumOne:

CaelumOne Product Features

  • We can ingest and automatically index any document format (MS Word© Doc, Docx, XML,Excel©, PowerPoint©, MS Visio©, Adobe PDF©, WordPerfect©,Open Office©, Libre Office©) without the need to manually meta tag rendering them all completely searchable.
  • All embedded images are also converted (BMP, PCX, GIF,JPEG, Targa, PNG, TIFF)and can be indexed and rendered searchable as well.
  • Ingested documents also get converted to a web-ready HTML format that can then be published them in one step.
  • Using our powerful natural language search engine we convert all files into a 100% searchable knowledge base.
  • Documents retain original formatting when they are ingested. We do not lose any formatting of headers or footers.
  • Documents are viewable on any browser, on any OS, on any device achieving a complete BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) structure.
  • Compression to HTML also means all documents can be opened using minimal bandwidth on any device or any OS.
  • Printing of documents can be enabled or disabled. Print a single page, a topic or an entire manual at the click of a button.
  • Training can be done for normal users in 30 minutes.
  • Our table of contents structure allows for easy navigation of large documents.
  • Enhance your documents with encoded media content (AAC, AVI, MP3, MP4, WMA). Link the video content to a document and launch it using our internal viewer to review eliminating any connection to external commercial content provider.

Further To That CaelumOne Also Provides

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Active Directory® integration,
  • Email and Task Notification,
  • Single Point of Access
  • Secure SSL Login
  • Audit Trail on Document Flow,
  • Virtual Book Publishing,
  • Secure Scan-to-Folder, 

Document Manager

The core functionality of CaelumOne allows it to support workflow functionality easily and effectively. As such, in some cases, a customer may use CaelumOne as an inexpensive entry into a simple and flexible electronic workflow management system, without incurring the typical upfront customization costs normally associated with workflow solutions.

Too add files to CaelumOne the process could not be easier or more intuitive. You can select individual files or zip up entire directories of folders and drag and drop them into CaelumOne. Once they are in the application they are indexed automatically and immediately converted to HTML for ease of search and publishing. This can allow us to publish any document to any device regardless of the size.

For further information on CaelumOne Cloud Based Enterprise Content Management Solution contact our sales team at Axcess Canada at +1(888)883-2852 Ext 401 or via email at: caelumone@axcesscanada.com

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