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Caelum One lets you work smarter instead of harder.  In today’s market, collaboration has become increasingly complex for many companies and circulating numerous versions of documents via email is not always optimal.  Traditional approaches to Electronic Content Management cannot keep up with the pace and demand of a new global economy. As corporate IT infrastructures migrate to the cloud, users must have access to their data on demand, regardless of device type or operating system.


CaelumOne answers that demand with a truly hybrid enterprise content management architecture that seamlessly syncs content and processes between on premise, mobile, and the cloud.  CaelumOne eliminates information silos, enables secure collaboration anywhere on the planet, eliminates document duplication and redundancies, and ensures full compliance and security is maintained.

In a world of increasing corporate collaboration, the proliferation of mobile devices has resulted in the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.  This shift has resulted in an increased need for agility, and cloud storage is the only way to deliver solutions to your users that can meet their needs.

Our Product Contains Several Key Features:

Document Management – Storage and document lifecycle tracking including full version control and audit trail tracking.  All documents are rendered completely searchable without any meta tagging and can be accessed on any device type or operating system.

Full Security Protocols – All Data stored in our cloud based solution is stored in a Tier 3 data centre in Canada.

Document Workflow – Workflows can be developed to help manage all your document types. Designated documents can follow a specific line of review, approval and publishing steps and all documents are tracked and automatically updated ensuring only the most up-to-date materials are accessible.  System generated tasks and notifications can alert the appropriate personnel at each step of a workflow to ensure that all vital documentation is kept up to date.

Updates Automatically Pushed to Live Documents –If a change is made to a document that is one of many files that make up a Virtual Book, those changes will be reflected in real time ensuring that only accurate and up-to-date information is.

Reporting Modules – Custom online web form data collection can be used to gather your organization’s relevant data (customer contacts, incident reporting, employee attendance etc.).  Custom reports for statistics, trending, location data, and employee details can facilitate the analysis of the valuable data collected.

Training Trakker – All employee training can be automatically scheduled through the system, including tracking expiry dates, renewals, and prerequisites.  Site and regional specific training can be flagged in advance so employees are trained and certified before showing up on site and any related training documentation can be added to the Document Manager and linked to employee profile.

Time Tracking –Supervisors and Forman can fill out timesheet entries for all site personnel. This data can also be integrated with other financial software packages (i.e. JDE) to facilitate payroll management.

Our solution is currently being used in public and private sector companies including utilities companies, health units, hospitals, manufacturing, telecommunications, police, and mining companies.  For further information on CaelumOne, contact our sales team +1 (437) 886-5473 or via email at: CaelumOne Sales.

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